Selma, Dallas County, Alabama

Contributed by Howard Blevins Howard

Several distant cousins & I are in the process of reclaiming & restoring a Blevins family cemetery known as, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, located in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama. Or more precisely @:

32 30' 10"N, 86 59' 59"W or 

on the web @
The cemetery is located at the RED crosshair symbol.

We have recently had a fence erected there and in the process have discovered three more graves. These three additional graves bring the total known buried there to seventeen. While we have no information or names to associate with these graves, we have every reason to believe they are Blevins. Interested persons please contact one or all listed below.


Henry Blevins Howard PO Box 1418 Destin, FL 32540 
FAX: 850-650-0298 Tel: 850-837-4676
Majorie Evans-Westmoreland 4250 Armand View Drive Pasadena, TX 77505 
FAX: 281-998-2438 Tel: 281-998-4028
William Dean Blevins 13804 Arctic Ave. Rockville, MD 20853 
FAX: 301-871-7820 Tel: 301-871-8584

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Dallas County, Alabama Genealogy