Letter from Andrew Yost to John C. Rogers
Dallas County, Alabama to Humansville, Polk County, MO
April 18, 1842

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Ansley

Dallice County Alabama April 18, 1842

Dear Children I imbrace this opportunity to rite you a few lines to let you no that we all well at his time hoping that through the mercies of God these few lines will fin you and all of the connexion well the connexion in this countrey are generly well Polly Carmichael & some of the children have chills ocasionley David Roggers was here to day his wound are all well hip side hirts him some times yet he is living on Mr Embersons land and had got fifteen acers of land to work his Brother George helpt him plant seven acers in coarn the balance in cotton George Rogers started back to Tennessee last Friday William Rogers is a living with Mr. Boyde Jacks Rogers got married and is a living side of his father has bought the place that George King owned David Taylor died the 8 of March in Louisania after an illness of four weeks the doctors differd in judgment as to what complaint he died with one said the palsey the other said rhumatism Joseph Taylor and family were well John Taylor is will and is living near Joseph William Taylor went out to the boys last fawl got tierd gave the countrey a bad name came back and is nocking about Henrey is living with doctor Ecals Isac & Seth are living with the old lady G W Taylor is living at the same place that he was when you left Francis got back toward the last of February soald his horses for less than he gave for them a clear loss of his time and expences soald his stud for a goald watch took Steam Boat at nigro foot and came round by water he did not buy the place he rote to you he was about buying in Arcanses he is living with John Tinsley gets thirteen dollars per month for five months I received your letter of Jan 22 and was glad to here that you were all well and that you had set in for another crop I hope your country will be blest wit a better season and you wil still be better satisfied For I asure you that there are more dissatisfied people in this countrey than ever I saw before the scearsity of money and the low prices of all kinds of property & cotton is selling from seven to eight cents and that on a credit and the banks of our own state and Massisipi and Louesiana are all in such a uncertan condition that when a man sels enny property he hardly noes when he will get it if he gets bank notes he don't know how long tha will be good we have had a verry wet fawl and spring wheat is turning and will be fit to cut in three weekes at farthes coarn looks well

Dear Children I thought that I could have sold my land before this time but I have not met wit a chance yet but I feel as much determined to sell and move to your countrey as I ever did I would like to be with you all and still live in hopes that I shall meat with a chance to sell give my respect to all the conexion well Barbara Ann I sold your wheel for four dollars I will send you five dollars in this letter and if it comes safe to hand I want you to writ and let me no how you are a getting on and how cropps are No More at present but remain your Affectioned Father

Andrew Yoast

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