Letter from Andrew Yost to John C. Rogers
Dallas County, Alabama to Humansville, Polk County, MO
June 19, 1841

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Ansley

State of Alabama Dalice C ? June the 19 1841

Dear Children as it is a raining I embrace this leasiour our in riting you a few lines to let you no that we are well at this time hoping through the mercies of God these few lines will find you and all the kindred in your countrey well and not only well but doing well I have nothin in petecular to rite to you but as riting is a means of keeping alive that sperrit of love that feels so dear to parants and children petecularly when we are at such a distance that we cant see each other I want to here from you at every opportunity Dear Children it would do my soal good to hear that all of you wer become the disscpels of the lord Jesus Christ & happy in the love of God it is dull times about relgeon in these parts about relegeon but we hope for better times as the crops our crops of coarn is fine cotton is badley ingourd with the lice but I think tha are beginning to leave it oats is sorry there is some little sickness in the countrey but it is mostley such as has had the chills all winter I had a letter rote to George to shew you how Pumroy Carmichael and myself settled and what is dieu each one of you I want you to rite to me and let me no if I shal distroy the two little notes that I lifted from Pumroy and credit the note that I lifted from Washington Taylor with the balance this is coming to you if you rite me a receipt in full a signed by you & Barbara Ann so that I can settle with the court

Mr Roggers I want to no how you like your countrey and how the rest seems to be pleased I want to no if George Rogers is still living with you or what he is a doing and if he allows to stay in that countrey I want to no how all your crops look and if the countrey is setteling verry fast and how the health is and I want to no if you injoy better health & feel stouter than did in this countrey I want to no how near all of Barbara Anns hair came of and if it is gon out again i want to no whair you swapt the gray filly and who got hir as I should like to get hir if she is not two fare away when you rite let me no how Brother John & Brother James Renfrow is a doing you will exquse bad spelling and worse writing as I have worked verry hard ever since you left Margaret & Peter & Mary started for Tennessee last Monda morning tha expect to be gone til the first of October Andrew J is a going to school & John will start in about a week John McCarta is our theacher

David B. Rogers and family are well he talk stronge of moving to Mossouria No more at present but wish to be remembered to all the kin

Andrew Yoast
To John & Barbara Ann Roggers

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