Letter from Andrew and Margaret Yoast to John C. Rodgers
Dallas County, Alabama to Humansville, Polk County, MO
June 28, 1843

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Ansley

Postmarked Valley Creek, Alabama

State of Alabama Dalice County June the 28 1843

Dear sir I received your letter of the 24th and was glad to heir that you and the rest of the conexion were all well and doing well but trewle sorry to heir that there is enny hard feelings among you but that is among your selves and all I can say on the subject is that you and the rest would pray to God for a spirit if forgiveness you complain that I have not wrote to you this is my third address to you since the death of Barbara Ann and if you get this I hope you will not think that I have forgot you or neglected riting I am making preparations to come and see you all this fowl if we all keep well Margaret and Mary R and Andrew J will be with me we are getting on with our crop verry well considering the weather I got out my wheat last week ??? in showery I made one hundred and nine bushels I have fine coarn and cotton but it has been wet for the last three week and the lice is getting on the cotton and I fear will ingeour it verry much scearse money and property of all kinds too David Rodgers is still living on Mr. Embersons land and doing better you could expect the rest of your brothers are all goan back to Tennessee John Meredith has sold his land to Washington Taylor for fifteen hundred dollars Meredith has moved up into Franklin County near Russelville your cousins Isic Taylor William Taylor John and Seth Taylor are all nocking about no settled home and you would say doing no good Feildan Taylor is overseeing for Wiley Swift gets five hundred dollars James Taylor is overseeing for Hamblen Kirkling gets three hundred dollars Pumroy Carmichael and family are well David Carmichael and family are well James Carmichael is living on Mrs Taylors ole place the Carmichaels are rite smartely in debt W R Downs is a living on the sicteenth section if not broke badley bent Henrey Taylor is still overseeing for Dr. Ecels Mr Mock and family are well and nothing on jest tolerable Dear sir I believe I glanst at everything that I no of that would be of enny satisfaction to you and if there is enny thing I will tel you when I see you give our best respects to all of our friend and my warmest respects for your self

Andrew & Margaret Yoast

To John C. Rodgers

Mr Rodgers I take this chance to right you a few lines to let you no that I hasn't forgot you an never shall a friend that I think as much of as you god for bid it for you to think so you wonted to no if I was coming thir again so sir I ant I wod ?? rather sea you than enny man in polk county now I wil say something about the girls Seny George an me has split the quilt I am goin to see Miss Pancy an Mcgone Roland very fair thir som say we will mary that is what I don't know yet turn over if that dos happen is ??? settle in Arcansaw union conty I haf ?enchis I like that conty very wel

That is about all give my complements to all inquirn friends an to Squir Wilson in particler for think him a gent ???? I must quit

From F. E. Yoast to Mr. J. Rodgers

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