Letter from Francis E. Yoast to William Yoast
Dallas County, Alabama to Humansville, Polk County, MO
July 22, 1842

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Ansley

From Selma, Dallas County, Alabama

July the 22 1842

Alabama Dalis co

Dier cosin I tak this chans to right to you this evning to let you no that I am well at this tim an fathers famly at this tim except too negros Minor an ?anor we haf got fine crops I never caw the like of the cickness about three weaks ago people genrely giting better som ??? not sick mor than 10 ours befor deth I haf ben cick an got well an Father an Mother an brother John all got well

William I haf cen cits cens I caw you last I wil tel you something about they contrys I saw South Masuria some good country Arcansaw genraly mountains except the south part ?? lieusana thir is som good lan an timber lieusana generally good lan but very worm Red river lans is the best ? I evr saw I travel right smart in that state law it is cetele by frinch they was very frinly an cin to us but I cant under stan them they air very rich it ant nothing strang to mark 2000 cavs in yon spring an frinch ponys go in very lik deer they air wile fine range for cows an horses they cant ras hog mutch the French girls is very smar an nir the boys wel cil ducks and birds the girls wil pick them an hang them out til the met levs the bon then they will mak gumbo that will rope from the plate to your mouth if I coud ce you now William I cud tel you a heepe turn over tel all in guinn friends that I am alive yet tel cely that I wold lik to ce her tel her that my girl ant mariad yet but she lik to went yoast O I tolk about right the if I haf another cich apool she ma go slick an of that is the idy

I must say something to Mr Rodgers an you will ce the firs of ther I haf not to you an got no ancer nor from charles

I want you to right as con as you get this right how your crops look an if your mar has a colt or not an uncle Johns mare has or not right how you like now Father is tring his bes to cel out an cum thir I was harty on my pony last fawl except crossing the bay I was ce cick the boat rok from sid to sid abot 3 ours the win cested then I got well Orlens is the fines city I ever saw the ships lay thir like old field I was three months on the road I sold ?richen? hors to gim fik? In lieusana for 50 I was in the settlement of Josir taylor I saw dave - dave did ?esens his deses was not non Josir like very well this is what I got for my horses Jack 46-25 cens Cool 46-25 cens Charles 46-25 cens I sold them to gether an the stud 150$ - nothing mor but remaining yours from Francis E. Yoast to W Yoast an Rodgers

Written on same letter:

Dear cusin I take this opportunity to right a few lines to let yew no how we ar getting a long and the I am well and all of the friends yew will not right and I will try tho I am not a vary good scribe I have nothing vary particular to right only that we ar all a live and muther is sick with the fever and ?as lo ?an could to led for ?six most of her time and I have had a hard time of ??

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Practice of the alphabet in cursive with signatures below of: John Yoast, Elizabeth Yoast, Frank Yoast

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