Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage


The vast universe of DNA testing could reveal a variety of information about the world.

And did you know there are numerous possibilities to select from? If you’re interested in finding out more about your lineage and ethnicity, there’s sure to discover everything you need to know about it. MyHeritage helps you keep track of these things. But they’re certainly not the only ones in this business.

Every one of us has our own personal reasons that lead them to other alternatives. This includes privacy, authenticity of information and the possibility of meeting prospective relatives or friends. It’s true, this could be the final item on their bucket list before they are at peace. Some families are even okay with having relatives who aren’t blood related. Why? They’re family too.

This article will review MyHeritage’s rivals and how they assist people from every walk of life to find their roots. Let’s get going!


Before you continue, you may want to watch this video by Family History Fanatics on YouTube that gives a quick overview. Afterward, you’ll want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review.

MyHeritage and. AncestryDNA

Our first rival is Ancestry DNA.

Both companies provide autosomal tests and tests kits, which is an essential part of DNA testing. These tests provide you with an ethnicity estimate along with a breakdown of various lines of descent around the globe. One difference here compared to MyHeritage is that the AncestryDNA database has fourteen million entries. Their reports take longer to produce than MyHeritage. The monthly cost is of $99 which allows for benefits from their reports.

Another catch is that you can’t upload your own DNA data. Plus it is not possible to keep your personal information confidential is not available also. This can be a red flag that you value their own privacy above everything other things. Luckily, MyHeritage lets you set the DNA you give to remain private, so that it will not be sold to unwelcome third parties.

As with many businesses, they also offer a subscription plan. AncestryDNA offers three plans to select from:

  • U.S. Discovery – $24.99/month
  • World Explorer – $39.99/month
  • All Access – $49.99/month

Some of them are easy to understand, such as those of the U.S Discovery tier. You get records from families from all fifty states within the U.S. If you don’t live there, you may opt for the World Explorer tier as it includes records from every country all over the world. The last option is a premium plan in which you get extra content like accessibility to Standard and

Although the amount of data may appear amazing, AncestryDNA may not cover specific countries, specifically those located in Asia. MyHeritage’s database is smaller, which is an advantage as it is split into 42 distinct regions. The regions can then be researched to locate particular communities that aren’t mentioned too often. Think of any tribe There’s a good chance that a DNA test result may be related to these tribes.

Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage

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MyHeritage and. Family Tree DNA

The next platform that we’ll be discussing the next one is Family Tree DNA.

From the get-go, Family Tree DNA has the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests which are not available through MyHeritage. These specific tests find potential relatives on either the mother’s or father’s side exclusively. In case, they do offer the autosomal general test known as”Family Finder. “Family Finder” for any lineage.

Both platforms are active in their communities, and they are committed to your privacy. Therefore, it is up to you to decide if you would like that your genetic information be found by families who are looking for missing relatives. However, Family Tree DNA does not have as many regions covered compared to MyHeritage. There are 24 regions on their website. However, this is an option in the event that neither cater to your needs.

For their offerings, Family Tree DNA has three kits available. They are:

  • Family Ancestry: $59
  • Maternal test: $159
  • Paternal test Test for paternity: $119

When you have the results, you cannot really record it on an online family tree despite the name. This can be bothersome to some people as they want to find out how long their lineage goes. It is also impossible to locate details about your health status regarding your ethnicity. MyHeritage can help with this, because you can also view common disorders in 18 carrier status reports. So if you are finding precise details about your family’s history, go for MyHeritage.


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MyHeritage vs 23andMe

Our third one on the list is 23andMe.

The platform was the first company to receive approval by the FDA as a risk-screener for diseases. To complement it, you can access it either through their website or mobile app. In it, information about your health and your ancestry is available. It is possible to build a family tree and learn subjects like genetic risks as well as the science of genetics, as well as genealogy in general.

23andMe has a wide range choices of consent and privacy choices to select from. Based on your preferences you can revoke or withdraw your agreement to 23andMe when you decide to change your mind. The saliva samples are collected, and results come within 3 to four weeks.

What 23andMe concentrates on is paternal and maternal Neanderthal tests, and autosomal tests. The biggest benefit here is they cover more than 1500 areas across the globe. This might not be appealing to all people, but if are looking to trace your roots to less well-known groups, they could do the trick. More precise results are more beneficial than a more general outlook.

When availing of their services There are three kinds of tests to choose from. All tests come with the customer service and a personalized review of your DNA results. You can select:

  • Basic Ancestry and Traits – $79
  • DNA Health Test – $129
  • VIP Health and Ancestry – $429

If you are able to get added DNA results from 23andMe, it may not be sufficient for all. For MyHeritage You have the choice of availing of the tests through kits or subscriptions. The annual subscription costs $79, the same price for their base tests. For the kits, for a slightly higher price of $90, you get the same services with a better efficiency. Be aware that DNA tests are not affordable; they must go through numerous procedures to obtain the results and identify potential relatives.

MyHeritage vs. FamilySearch

This genealogy service takes a distinct method of information access.

First of all, FamilySearch offers its services for absolutely no cost. The reason for this is the organization being a non-profit institution. They’re partnered with powerful platforms like MyHeritage as well as AncestryDNA. Their online records include more than 300,000 digital books, even if they are not indexed correctly.

FamilySearch’s database includes family trees available for public and private use. In the case of shared trees, you are able to view potential relatives as well as family members and the ways they’re related. Private trees will not be visible on a simple search because of privacy concerns.

They do have physical records like genealogical documents, including vital records and census records. However, when you are creating your family tree you are unable to download it. Plus, the setup of the tree is a tedious process as well. Another problem is that they don’t offer any kind of DNA tests. However, if you don’t have the money or resources to trace your lineage You can start here and see what happens.

If you are planning to take a testing for DNA you can always visit MyHeritage.


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MyHeritage vs. Xcode Life

The last platform we evaluation includes Xcode Life, a platform that is based in India.

Xcode Life has various reports that users can access. Many of them relate to health that include fitness, nutrition, and of course health. These general reports give results 24 hours a day in PDF format. However they don’t offer any ancestry reporting services. Don’t worry; they do offer more than they do not have.

They accept raw DNA information that’s already been given from their partners. These include:

  • 23andMe
  • Family Tree DNA (FTNDA)
  • Ancestry DNA
  • MyHeritage

These DNA files can be utilized in their extensive health reports. The user is the sole judge to decide what type of report they want to obtain. The company has its own privacy guidelines However, you need to remove the DNA information manually. If any personal data will be deleted, users need to contact Xcode Life.

The prices are available in Xcode Life also have bundles to select from. Here’s what they offer:

  • Best Seller Pack – $49: nutrition, fitness, health, allergy, skin reports
  • Super Pack – $89: nutrition, fitness, health, allergies and skin care Precision Medicine, and reports on methylation
  • Mega Pack for $99: contains the individual report packages for all nine

The main drawback of this system is that it is not possible to trace your family tree. While you can use your DNA from the past for other applications, it’s for your own personal benefit. It is still possible to go here to find out more about your DNA, or at the very least.

The Final Verdict

Short story, MyHeritage is the best choice for any DNA-related needs.

You can find out where your family comes from and can be traced back into one family tree. It is also autosomal that is the most commonly used test for any genealogical research. After you’ve received the results, you will have the option to contact those who are in line with your test. This is especially important to those who want to see their loved ones for one last time.

The kits are also easy to use and anyone of all ages can benefit from these kits. Results will come in 3-4 weeks, with an email sent to you containing the results.

For privacy reasons, MyHeritage never sells personal information to any third party. This is to protect the DNA samples provided to the company, as it is uploaded to their database. They will provide them when specifically requested by the owner of the DNA.

There isn’t any information regarding health-related issues found in the DNA test results, you’ll have to charge a fee for extra information. In the end it’s the place to go for everything genealogical.


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Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage


DNA Testing isn’t a new product that was discovered in the present time. Finding out your own family history may provide you with shocking details regarding your relatives.

For some, it’s for enjoyment. On the other hand it could be the only way to reconnect with lost family members you didn’t even know. If you’re looking to get all the information you need, MyHeritage has that for you. This way, you can find your family’s history or learn about various clans across the world.

A point to be mentioned is that they are only able to conduct autosomal testing. This is an effective way to connect to relatives and ethnic lineage.

The review we will look at the way MyHeritage operates and how accurate it is.


Before you go on, you may want to watch this video by Family History Fanatics on YouTube that gives a quick overview. After, you will want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review of MyHeritage.

Pros and Pros and MyHeritage Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage


  • Results are available within 3-4 weeks.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Each paid DNA test includes a no-cost software to build your family tree
  • DNA tests and personal data are protected in a private manner
  • Results that are easy to comprehend


  • DNA doesn’t provide any health-related information
  • Small database of approximately 2.4 million records
  • There were no in-depth explanations given for your findings
  • yDNA and mtDNA tests are not available

MyHeritage DNA Ethnicities Estimates

MyHeritage has access to 42 ethnicities, including Irish, Jewish, Native American, Japanese, and numerous others. The estimation breaks down your ethnic heritage into percentages. A list of regions is provided of your ancestors, including the father’s and mother’s sides. Each one has its own percentage that is your DNA.

These percentages can be explored using a map made available by MyHeritage. It shows shared ethnicities and ancestral places, including significant occasions such as births and deaths.

Doing the DNA Test

You can sign up for a free login on MyHeritage to start the test. The account will be used to access the kit to get the details. The kit will make use of a swab that is placed in your cheek for about 45 seconds. Then you put saliva into the vials provided and ship this kit directly to the business.

Any age group may take the test. Even infants are able to take the test as long as there’s permission from the parent or the guardians. The test can also be beneficial for those who are elderly as they’re more difficult to in producing sufficient saliva.

DNA Reports

DNA reports in MyHeritage are available within 3 to 4 weeks. Once you have received the email It will display a map of genetic information including your ethnicity and percentages.

After doing the test, you can upgrade the kit for $49 to gain access to these health kits. This information is not given when purchasing the kit at first. It is mandatory that you fill out an application form that is confidentially reviewed by a professional doctor. An internal clinical team will then review the report to determine in the event that genetic counseling is required.

Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage

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DNA Matching

It’s possible to get DNA matching through the website’s privacy settings. It compares your information with others so one can analyze potential relatives. The result could be which you can match your fifth or fourth cousins. They will ensure that even close relatives can be included.

When you have more match-ups, the chances are that the connection could be valid. It all depends on the percentage of common genetic sequences.

DNA Family Tree

The family tree is free software offered by MyHeritage. Once the results are given you can make your own to determine where your relatives could come from. It includes smart matching, which looks up families with similar profiles to identify a connection.

Although it is not clear where a particular relative came from, there isn’t specific reason given for why the person has decided to move to another region. Certain family members are eager to determine the reason.

What they’ve got What they have is an active search engine that searches through billions of records from the past within the databases.


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Customer Support & Knowledge Base

A help center and knowledge database is available on MyHeritage’s website. It includes instructions for payment options, payment methods, and information on how to comprehend DNA. Customer support is available free in a variety of countries including that of the United States and European countries.

MyHeritage Data Privacy

Any information provided to MyHeritage is utilized for internal purposes. They calculate the relationships between families and test DNA samples as well as raw DNA.

This information is never sold, shared or licensed to other parties. When this feature is set up sharing DNA matches, they are included. MyHeritage would not share results from DNA if requested or in the case that it is acquired from the owners.

It is possible to block MyHeritage to not share personal information derived from DNA matches. It can also be disabled from appearing on results from searches.

Database Size

In comparison to other databases, MyHeritage has 2.4 million records, which is among the fewest database in the market up to now. This can be an excellent opportunity to locate new relatives.

Data Exportability

This is where MyHeritage shines. Apart from the fact that it lets you upload test data from other providers, you can download your own DNA raw information. Some services will not let you upload your data to any other service once they have uploaded it to their site.


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Regional Granularity

Although MyHeritage provides access to 42 countries, this is one of their weaknesses compared to peers. This is particularly important for autosomal test results as the information is broken down into specific regions that have significance to culture.

Pricing Plans

MyHeritage has two ways to make use of their service either through subscription or kits. In the subscription the subscription, you have access to their services at no cost for a family tree with 250 members. However, you won’t get access to any of their features. If you are able purchase a subscription, they offer it as a paid service. Starting at $79/year, you can get The Premium Plan and $189/year for the Complete Plan.

Each one of them has access to certain features as part of the price plan.

On the other hand, they provide a kit that can be done in the comfort of your own home. There are two options available: Standard and Health & Ancestry.

Standard Kit

For $90, which includes shipping costs, you get ethnicity reports and the ability to enter MyHeritage’s DNA match via their website. It is possible to contact relatives who match.

Health and Ancestry Kit

The kit is $220 including shipping costs. The main difference is the fact that it includes information on genetic risks and carrier status. Example: a family who has had a history of diabetes, and other medical risks. Even rare illnesses may be considered.


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If the main intention is to learn more about your ethnic heritage If so, MyHeritage is a great research tool.

You can get a raw analysis of your DNA but you’ll never know the exact route your ancestors took around the world. Even health-related information won’t be given to you unless you’re willing pay some extra. Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage

They have a huge database where you can browse any item you’d like. It’s also possible to upload your DNA data to MyHeritage to find any potential matches. Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage

Naturally, the information provided to them is susceptible to possible breach. MyHeritage ensures that all data that is uploaded on their website is protected by layers of encryption. All in all, users from all over the world are able to trust them.


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Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs) Geni Vs Ancestry Vs MyHeritage

What is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is a genealogy platform founded by Gilad Japhet. Their mission is to link distant relatives from the past as well as the present by conducting DNA tests. It combines genetics with family records to allow people from all walks of life get connected.

Does MyHeritage have a privacy policy?

Yes. Data in MyHeritage is secure, and it is CLIA-certified and accredited by CAP. DNA tests and personal data are secured with multiple encryption methods. Only you have the rights to have access to the raw DNA information and DNA results.

The information provided MyHeritage will be kept confidential. MyHeritage will not be disclosed to third parties. They will only share the data upon request by the owner or if it is necessary to.

What time will the results be provided by MyHeritage?

It takes 3-4 weeks when the kit is returned to the company. As the results are made available the company will notify them via email, and they will be posted at the MyHeritage website.

What is the process for DNA samples inside MyHeritage?

MyHeritage uses microarray-based autosomal DNA testing. Raw data is given which MyHeritage uses to calculate genetic matches as well as ethnicities based on every ancestral lineage maternal and paternal.

Do you want to give MyHeritage DNA as a present?

It’s possible. You can either ship it yourself , along with the address of the recipient or let MyHeritage do it for you. After they have received the kit, they will sign up for a new account and then activate the equipment. Following activation, the business will notify them of their results and their test samples.

Is the DNA test free?

It’s not true. MyHeritage can let you upload your DNA test results for free, however the test itself isn’t. You can either use the kit or sign up to any of their plans.

What’s the cost for the cost of a MyHeritage subscription?

Depending on what you will benefit from, it begins at $79 per year with the premium Plan and $189/year for the Complete Plan. Each plan comes with its own unique features, and you can avail more features as you spend more.

Can you cancel a MyHeritage subscription?

Yes, of course. On the MyHeritage website, click on your name and select “My purchases.” Then select “Site Subscribers.” Once you have viewed what your subscription’s status is, select “View the Details.” There, you will see the “Stop Renewal” button.

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