MyHeritage Vs 32And Me


DNA Testing isn’t a new product discovered today. The discovery of your family’s lineage could reveal some unforeseen information concerning your own family.

Some people use it for entertainment. However, for others it could be the only method to reconnect with lost family members you didn’t even know. If you’re looking for the whole package, MyHeritage has that for you. That way, you can discover your family’s past or learn about various clans around the globe.

A point to be mentioned is that they are only able to conduct autosomal testing, which is an effective way to connect with family members and the ethnic lineage.

The review we’ll examine the way MyHeritage is used and how accurate it is.


Before you continue, you may want to watch this video by Family History Fanatics on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, you will want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review of MyHeritage.

Pros and Cons of MyHeritage MyHeritage Vs 32And Me


  • Results are given within 3-4 weeks.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Each paid DNA test includes a software for your family tree.
  • DNA tests and personal information are secured privately
  • Results that are easy to comprehend


  • DNA doesn’t provide any health-related information
  • Small database of about 2.4 million records
  • There were no in-depth explanations given for your results
  • The mtDNA and yDNA tests are not available

MyHeritage DNA Ethnicities Estimates

MyHeritage offers access to 42 ethnicities, which includes Irish, Jewish, Native American, Japanese, and numerous others. The estimates break down your ethnicity into percentages. A list of the regions of your ancestors’, which includes the father’s and mother’s side. Each one has its own percentage in your genetic material.

The percentages are available using a map made available by MyHeritage. It displays shared ethnicities and ancestral locations, as well as important events like births and deaths.

Doing the DNA Test

You can sign up for a free account on MyHeritage to start the test. Your account is used for the kit to collect the details. In the kit, you make use of a swab that is placed inside of your cheek for about 45 seconds. After that, you pour saliva in the vials provided and ship this kit directly to the business.

People of any age may take the test. Even infants are able to take the test provided they have consent from parent or the guardians. The test can also be beneficial for those who are elderly as they are more prone to having a difficult process of producing saliva.

DNA Reports

DNA Reports on MyHeritage are available within 3 to 4 weeks. After receiving the notification email the report will show a map of genetic information that shows your ethnicity as well as percentages.

After passing the test you can upgrade the kit for $49 to gain access to these health kits. The information you need to provide is not provided when you purchase the kit initially. You’ll be required to complete the questionnaire, which is confidentially reviewed by a professional physician. An in-house clinical team will review the report in the event that genetic counseling is required.

MyHeritage Vs 32And Me

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DNA Matching

It is possible to obtain DNA matching through the privacy settings on the website. It compares data with others to identify possible relatives. The result could be where you may match with your fourth or fifth cousins. They will ensure that all close relatives can be included.

If you have more match-ups, the chances are that the relationship could be true. The whole thing depends on the amount of common genetic sequences.

DNA Family Tree

Family tree software is a no-cost software offered by MyHeritage. When the results are available, you can create your own family tree to discover the origins of your relatives from. It also includes smart matching, which finds profiles in other family trees to find a match.

Despite finding what region a particular relative came from, there isn’t provided information why the person chose to move. Some family members are willing to discover the reason.

What they’ve got to offer is a search engine that scans through billions of records from the past stored in databases.


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Customer Support and Knowledge Base

A Help center and knowledge base is available on MyHeritage’s website. It provides instructions on payment options, as well as guidance on how to understand DNA. Customer support is available accessible toll-free across several countries including those in the United States and European countries.

MyHeritage Data Privacy

The information you provide to MyHeritage is used to run internal business. They calculate the relationships between relatives and test DNA samples or raw DNA.

The information is not transferred, sold, or licensed to third parties. When enabled sharing DNA matches, they are included. MyHeritage would be able to share only DNA data when required or in the event of acquisition from the owner.

It’s possible to disable MyHeritage from sharing personal data from DNA matches, and from being displayed in results from searches.

Database Size

In comparison to other databases, MyHeritage has 2.4 million records, which is the lowest database in the market to date. This can be an excellent reason to discover new relatives.

Data Exportability

This is the place where MyHeritage shines. Aside from the fact it allows you to upload test results from existing providers, you can download your own raw DNA information. Certain services won’t allow you to upload your data to different services after it is uploaded at theirs.


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Regional Granularity

Although MyHeritage provides access to 42 regions This is among their weaknesses compared to peers. This is especially important for results from autosomal tests since the data is divided into specific regions of cultural significance.

Pricing Plans

MyHeritage has two options to avail their services: subscription or kits. If you subscribe service, you are able to use their services at no cost to create a tree for your family of 250 members. However, you won’t get access to their features. If you can pay for their subscriptions, they offer paid plans. It starts at $79/year for the premium Plan and $189/year for the Complete Plan.

Each is able to access specific features based on the pricing plan.

On the contrary, they have a kit that can be done in the comfort of your home. There are two choices: Standard and Health & Ancestry.

Standard Kit

For $90 plus shipping charges, you will gain ethnicity reports as well as access to MyHeritage’s DNA matches on their website. Contact potential relatives who match.

Health and Ancestry Kit

This kit costs $220, with shipping charges. The major difference is that it contains information on carrier risk and genetic risks. Example: a family who has an history of diabetes as well as other medical risk factors. Some rare diseases may also be considered.


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If your main objective is getting to know your family’s ethnic background, then MyHeritage is a great research method.

You can get a raw look into your genetics however, you’ll not know how your ancestors migrated across the globe. Health-related information will not be available unless you’re willing to pay an extra fee. MyHeritage Vs 32And Me

They have a huge database, which you can scan any item you’d like. You can also upload your DNA information to MyHeritage to search for possible matches. MyHeritage Vs 32And Me

Naturally, the information provided to them is susceptible to possible breaches. MyHeritage makes sure that any information uploaded to the site is secured with layers of encryptions. In general, users around the world are able to trust them.


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Commonly asked questions (FAQs) MyHeritage Vs 32And Me

What exactly is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is a genealogy website founded by Gilad Japhet. Their aim is to connect distant relatives of the past and present by conducting DNA tests. It integrates genetics with family records to allow people from all paths of life join.

Does MyHeritage have any privacy policies?

Yes. Data in MyHeritage is secure, and it is CLIA-certified and Accredited by the CAP. DNA tests and personal information are protected through various encryptions. Only you have the right to access the raw DNA data and DNA results.

Any information supplied MyHeritage will be kept confidential. MyHeritage is not shared with any third companies. They will only provide the data when the owner requests it or if it is necessary to.

What time will the results be provided by MyHeritage?

It takes 3-4 weeks when the kit is received by the company. When the results are released, they will be notified through email and will be displayed on MyHeritage. MyHeritage website.

How are DNA samples processed within MyHeritage?

MyHeritage uses microarray-based test for DNA autosomal. Raw data is provided, and the company calculates the DNA match and ethnicity based on all ancestral lines, maternal and paternal.

Is is possible to give MyHeritage DNA for a gift?

It’s possible. You can either ship it yourself , along with the address of the recipient or let MyHeritage handle it for you. When they receive the kit, they’ll create a new account and then activate the equipment. After activation, the company will send emails about their samples and results.

Does the DNA test cost anything?

No. MyHeritage can let you upload your raw DNA data for free, but the test itself is not. You can use the kit, or enroll in any of their plans.

How much is an MyHeritage subscription?

Depending on the features you benefit from, it begins at $79 per year to the Standard Plan and $189 for the Complete Plan. Each plan comes with its own exclusive features, and you will get more of them when you pay more.

Can you revoke a MyHeritage subscription?

Yes, of course. When you visit your MyHeritage website, simply click on your name and select “My Purchases.” After that, select “Site Subscribers.” After you’ve seen what your subscription’s status is, you can click “View the Details.” Under it, you can see the “Stop renewal” button.

MyHeritage Vs 32And Me


The vast universe of DNA testing may reveal a variety of information about the world.

Did you know there are a variety of options to choose from? If you’re interested in finding out more about your lineage and ethnicity, there’s sure to discover all you can about it. MyHeritage keeps you on top of these aspects. Despite this, they’re far from being the sole ones in this business.

Each person has their own personal reasons why they go for other options. For instance, privacy, genuine information, and the possibility of meeting potential relatives or friends. Believe it or not, this could be the final item on their list of priorities before they can be at peace. Certain families are okay with relatives who are not blood-related. Why? They are family too.

This article will discuss MyHeritage’s peers and the ways they help people from all walks of life discover their roots. Let’s get going!


Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Family History Fanatics on YouTube that gives a quick review. Afterward, you’ll want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review.

MyHeritage and. AncestryDNA

Our first opponent is Ancestry DNA.

Both companies provide autosomal tests and tests kits, which is a must in DNA testing. The tests give you an ethnicity estimate along with a breakdown of various lineages around the world. One difference here compared to MyHeritage is that the database of AncestryDNA includes 14 million records. Their reports take longer to produce than MyHeritage. The monthly cost is of $99 which allows advantages from their reports.

Another catch is that you can’t upload your own DNA data. Plus, the option to make your personal data private is not possible too. This can be a sign, especially for people who value their own privacy above everything other things. Luckily, MyHeritage lets you set the DNA to be private so it would not be sold to unwelcome third parties.

Like other companies, they provide an option to subscribe. AncestryDNA has three plans to select from:

  • U.S. Discovery – $24.99/month
  • World Explorer – $39.99/month
  • All Access – $49.99/month

Some of them are easy to understand, such as those of the U.S Discovery tier. The records are provided by families from one of fifty states of the U.S. If you do not live there, you may go with the World Explorer tier as it contains records from all countries all over the world. The final level is premium plans in which you get extra content like the access of Standard and

Although the amount of data might appear impressive, AncestryDNA may not cover specific countries, especially those located in Asia. MyHeritage’s smaller database has an advantage because it’s divided into 42 regions. The regions can then be studied to find specific communities not heard of all the time. Think of any tribe There’s a good chance that a DNA test result may be related to these tribes.

MyHeritage Vs 32And Me

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MyHeritage Vs. Family Tree DNA

The next platform we will be discussing will be Family Tree DNA.

From the beginning, Family Tree DNA has mtDNA and Y-DNA tests that are which are not available through MyHeritage. These tests are specifically designed to identify possible relatives on either the father’s or mother’s side exclusively. In case, they do offer the general autosomal test called the “Family Finder” for any lineage.

Both platforms are active in their communities, and they place a high value on your personal privacy. So it’s up to you if you want the information you provide to be used by families who are looking for missing relatives. But, Family Tree DNA does not have as many areas which are covered as MyHeritage. They have 24 areas that are listed on their web site. This is an option if they are unable to satisfy your needs.

In terms of their offerings, Family Tree DNA has three kits available. They include:

  • Family Ancestry: $59
  • Maternal test Cost: $159
  • Paternal test The cost is $119.

When you have the results, it is not possible to simply record them in a family tree digitally despite the name. This could be a problem for certain people who want to find out how long their lineage goes. It is also impossible to locate details about your health status regarding your ethnicity. MyHeritage can help with this, because you can also look up common diseases in the 18 carrier status reports. If you’re looking for precise details about the family’s history, search to MyHeritage.


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MyHeritage vs 23andMe

The third option on our list is 23andMe.

The platform was the first to have received approval from the FDA as a risk screener for diseases. As a complement, you can access it either through their website or mobile app. It contains information about your health and ancestry is accessible. You can build an ancestral tree of your family and explore topics such as genetic risks, the science of genealogy, and genetics in general.

23andMe offers a variety choices of consent and privacy preferences to choose from. Based on your preferences, you can retract your consent to the company when you change your mind. The saliva samples are collected, and results come within 3 to 4 weeks.

What 23andMe is focused on are paternal and maternal Neanderthal, and autosomal tests. One of the biggest advantages here is they cover more than 1500 locations across the world. This factor may not please all, but if you would like to trace back less well-known groups, they could accomplish the task. Precise results may be better than an overall view.

In order to avail their services There are three kinds of tests to choose from. Each test comes with the customer service and a personalized walkthrough of your DNA results. You can select:

  • Basic Ancestry and Traits – $79
  • DNA Health Test – $129
  • VIP Health and Ancestry – $429

Even if you can receive improved DNA results through 23andMe, it may not be affordable for everyone. For MyHeritage You have the option of taking advantage of the tests via kits or subscriptions. The annual subscription costs $79, the same price for their basic tests. As for the kits, at a slightly higher price of $90, you basically get the same assistance with a better efficiency. Be aware that DNA tests aren’t affordable; they must go through many processes to get that result and find potential relatives.

MyHeritage vs. FamilySearch

This genealogy service offers a different approach when it comes to accessing information.

First and foremost, FamilySearch provides its services at absolutely no cost. It is because the fact that it’s being a non-profit institution. They’re partnered with powerful platforms like MyHeritage as well as AncestryDNA. Their online databases include more than 300,000 digital books even if they’re not indexed correctly.

FamilySearch’s database contains family trees for both the public as well as for private use. If you have the shared tree, one are able to look up potential relatives and family members and the way they’re connected. Private trees aren’t visible through a simple search because of privacy concerns.

There are physical reports like genealogical documents, including vital records and census records. The only difference is that when setting up your family tree you are unable to download it. Additionally, setting up the tree is a tedious process too. Another catch is that they don’t provide any type of DNA testing. If you don’t have the money or resources to determine your family’s lineage it is possible to start here and see where it goes.

And if you plan to get a proper testing for DNA you can always visit MyHeritage.


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MyHeritage Vs. Xcode Life

The last platform we evaluation is Xcode Life, a platform located in India.

Xcode Life has various reports that users can access. The majority of them are related to health such as fitness, nutrition, and of course health. These reports are general and provide results in 24 hours with PDF formats. Despite this, they do not offer any kind of ancestry report. Don’t worry; they do have more services than they lack.

They will accept DNA data in raw form that’s already been given from their partners. This includes:

  • 23andMe
  • Family Tree DNA (FTNDA)
  • Ancestry DNA
  • MyHeritage

The DNA files are used to create their huge health reports. It is up to the individual on the kind of report they want to receive. This company’s own privacy guidelines However, you need to remove the DNA information manually. For any personal information that is to be removed, customers must contact Xcode Life.

Pricing in Xcode Life also have bundles that you can pick from. This is what they have:

  • Best Seller Pack – $49: nutrition, fitness, health, allergy, skin reports
  • Super Pack $89: nutrition, fitness, health, allergies and skin care precision medicine, as well as reports on methylation
  • Mega Pack – $99: Includes the individual report packages for all nine

The most significant drawback to this platform is that you are not able to trace your ethnicity. Although you are able to use your DNA from the past for other applications, it’s for your own personal benefit. It is still possible to go here if you want to learn more about your personal DNA, at least.

The Final Verdict

The short version is that MyHeritage is the best choice for all your DNA requirements.

It is possible to discover where your family comes from, and it’s traceable into the family tree. This test for DNA is autosomal, which is the industry standard for every genealogical test. Once you get the results, you have the option to contact the ones who match your trial. This is especially important to those who want to see their loved ones for an end-of-life visit.

The kits are easy to use, and people who are of any age can utilize them. Results will come in 3-4 weeks, and an email will be sent to you containing the results.

In the case of privacy, MyHeritage never sells personal information to any third party. This is to ensure the security of the DNA samples provided to the company since it is also uploaded in their database. They will release them when expressly requested by their owner.

Although there is no information on health-related issues that are included in the DNA test results, you’ll have to charge for extra details. In the end it’s the place to go to find everything related to genealogy.


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